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I internationalise, localise and translate texts. This also includes transcreation: a combination of translation and copywriting.


I proofread texts and translations and write my comments in the sidelines. I also do this for academic texts.

"Bridget has helped us tremendously with translation lately. She is well aware of the technical possibilities and very capable of using them efficiently. The project was completed according to schedule and budget. She works well independently and is very committed. In addition, Bridget is a very nice person to work with and super eager to learn. She really wants to understand who she works for and what the goals are to really understand what's important to work on".

Edwin Flooren, HoorayHR

“Bridget is a well organized, experienced translator and also a skilled writer in English. She is working as great help for me during my work in university council meetings at the Utrecht University Council. She is not only a translator but also a mediator for me to be embedded in this Dutch policy working environment. It has been a pleasure to work with Bridget”.

Linge Li, Utrecht University


Hi, I'm Bridget and I like to puzzle with language!

I am the owner of Bridget's translations & texts and translate from English and German to Dutch and from Dutch to English for educational institutions and companies, with a focus on marketing and IT. I also like to write copy, both in English and Dutch.

Bridget van de Grootevheen


Whether you want to have a meeting or request a quote, don't hesitate to contact me.