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Translation, localisation and transcreation of texts with marketing objectives and for social media. I can also combine this with copywriting.


I translate textbooks, I make creative lesson designs and I provide feedback on theses, essays and presentations.

“Bridget is a well organized, experienced translator and also a skilled writer in English. She is working as great help for me during my work in university council meetings at the Utrecht University Council. She is not only a translator but also a mediator for me to be embedded in this Dutch policy working environment. It has been a pleasure to work with Bridget”.

Linge Li, Utrecht University


Hi, I'm Bridget and I like to puzzle with language!

I am the owner of Bridget's translations & texts and translate from English and German to Dutch. My specialisations are education and marketing. I also like to write copy, both in English and Dutch.

Bridget van de Grootevheen


Whether you want to have a meeting or request a quote, don't hesitate to contact me.