Certified translation

Certified/sworn translations from English to Dutch

Certified translation

I am a certified translator in the Netherlands and translate from English to Dutch. Perhaps you've got a degree from a country where English is the official language. Maybe you were born or got married in an English speaking country such as the US, Canada, the UK, Australia or New Zealand. I'm happy to translate official documents to Dutch and put my stamp and sign on it in order for it to be able to be recognised by the Dutch authorities.

The process

First you send me the source document by e-mail. Make sure to include the backside if there is text on it. This also applies to standard texts. Once you have accepted my quote and paid, I will schedule the translation. I will make sure the lay-out will look like the original as much as possible. Then I print the translation and attach it to the original. The cover sheet will contain my signature and stamp. You will receive the translation by registered mail within the Netherlands.

Educatieve vertalingen

Certified translations FAQ

A certified translation is made by a translator authorised by law to translate documents that must be certified and often have official or legal status. This often involves deeds, diplomas, certificates, passports, wills, court documents, etc. For this, I am listed in the Dutch register of sworn interpreters and translators and have taken an oath at court. I also adhere to the code of conduct under the Sworn Interpreters and Translators Act.

An apostille is a sticker or court stamp that proves that the signature on an official document is genuine. This is because Dutch documents are not automatically legally valid abroad and vice versa. That is why legalisation is needed. This is to make documents fit for use abroad or in the Netherlands. If a country is a member of the Apostille Convention, it means you only need such a sticker. You can check this at nederlandwereldwijd.nl. You may therefore need an apostille before translating. I will then include the apostille in the translation.

Do you have a pre-vocational secondary or senior secondary vocational education diploma from abroad? Have your diploma valued by the SBB. Did you obtain a secondary school diploma or university degree abroad? Then have your diploma evaluated by Nuffic. Having your diploma evaluated costs money. Once your foreign diploma has been evaluated, it will be recognised in the Netherlands. It can then be translated.

Legalisation is making documents fit for use in the Netherlands/abroad. Legalisations are only issued on originals. This can be done with an apostille or with a legalisation. Apostille is possible if the country of origin is covered by the Apostille Convention. This is the so-called shorter and cheaper route. Legalisation normally takes longer and is more expensive. All courts in the Netherlands can issue apostilles. I can guide you through this or possibly go to the court to do it for you. For a legalisation, you also have to go to the consulate, if it is in the Netherlands. The nearest consulate may also be in Brussels, for example.

You get a translation attached to the source document. On the front is a cover sheet with a word of introduction, my stamp and signature. You will receive the translation by mail.

The certified translation process has not been digitised (yet) and is done on paper to avoid possible fraud.

Yes, I can also outsource the work for you to colleagues who are also certified/sworn in another language combination. I am happy to put my network to work for you.

Why work with Bridget?

You need a certified translator because you have a source document from which you need an ‘official translation’. I am registered in the RBTV register for certified English-Dutch translations.

I studied for the certified exam and took an oath at the court Midden-Nederland in Utrecht. I have also taken specific courses in order to be able to provide suitable advice about certified translations, apostille, legalisation. This way I can give you some direction. In short: I help you on your way. You're not alone.

Certified translation

Professional layout, close to the original file

Tailored to your needs

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