Do you have a text you're not really satisfied with? Or do you just want to make sure everything is alright?


I'll proofread your Dutch and English texts. Whether it's a website, powerpoint, essay or annual report: I've seen them all and will use my experiences as a teacher to improve them.


What you can expect:

– A check for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation

– Explanations and suggestions in the comments

– General feedback by e-mail

I can also combine this with doing the translation. This means I'll translate first and go over it once more. If there is a lot at stake, I'll use the so called 'four eyes principle' and have another translator proofread the translation.

Proeflezen het ontbrekende puzzelstukje

Why work with Bridget?

You want someone who understands marketing and/or education to work on your (translation) project. Bridget listens to your question, does the research and gets to work for you. In the meantime, you can continue with your own work with peace of mind.


No worries! Bridget knows about the world of marketing and education. She studied English, is a qualified English teacher and has a C1 certificate in German in her pocket. Moreover, she has teaching experience, and worked closely with marketeers and programmers. 

Research-based translation

Qualified English teacher

Tailored to your needs

C1 certificate in German


Universiteit Utrecht
Wismon bèta, wetenschap en techniek
Rozenkwekerij Porta Nova
Noordhoff Uitgevers