Tailor-made translations

I create tailor-made translations to suit your needs. We'll discuss what exactly it is that you need and set expectations. I translate from Dutch to English and German and vice versa. My specialisations are marketing, websites and course materials. I always have a look at the text first before drafting an invoice so I'll know what is needed exactly. Things to consider:


You're considering to enter a new market. First, you'll need your product or service to be internationalised. 


I assist you in:

– Identifying your target audience (locale)
– Market research (UI/UX)
– Preparing your code for translation

– Preparing your UI for difference in text length

I'll adapt your text to the target audience (locale). A locale includes a location, language and user preferences.


I specialise in marketing translation and UX localisation. This means I combine translation with copytwriting (transcreation) in order to better meet your audience.

My approach

For me, translation goes far beyond translation. I am very proactive and like to take your translation project to the next level, so that your target audience feels truly understood.

Power up your translation

Your new target audience simply won't search using the same terms you used in the original. I do extensive keyword research and incorporate these into the translation. I also adapt the meta description, slugs and links.

Don't want to strip your entire site and upload all translations separately? Then I'll just translate into your CMS.

Have you already prepared all strings from the application for translation in a self-built program or do you use, for example? No problem either. Just be aware that the translation may affect the word order. Also remember to annotate buttons and menus so that I can make the translation in context.

I look at what hashtags your target audience is using and adapt the translation accordingly. Of course, I also take text length into account, which sometimes requires condensing the content.

For larger projects, I like to write style guides and create terminology lists for internal use. This ensures that your message remains consistent, even if your own staff or other freelancers start writing and translating again in the future.

I always write down for you exactly what I am going to do. But if it is a project spanning several weeks or months, I am happy to make a schedule on request. In it, I also state what I need from you and your marketeers and programmers. Naturally, you remain in charge and you can indicate what you want to have translated first. Consider, for example, the application, website, blogs, and support articles.

Ready to collaborate?

Do you want to work with me or want to know more about the ins and outs of my practise? I wrote the e-book Translate your website so your clients feel seen and remain on your website , so you will be able to get a better idea of my approach to work and you will have an opportunity to get to know me a bit more. You can write me an e-mail at asking for the e-book and I'll send you a copy.

Why work with Bridget?

You want someone who understands marketing and/or education to work on your (translation) project. Bridget listens to your question, does the research and gets to work for you. In the meantime, you can continue with your own work with peace of mind.


No worries! Bridget knows about the world of marketing and education. She studied English, is a qualified English teacher and has a C1 certificate in German in her pocket. Moreover, she has teaching experience, and worked closely with marketeers and programmers. 

Research-based translation

Qualified English teacher

Tailored to your needs

C1 certificate in German


Universiteit Utrecht
Wismon bèta, wetenschap en techniek
Rozenkwekerij Porta Nova
Noordhoff Uitgevers