Why Bridget

Bridget is a translator and copywriter who is happy to take work off your hands so you can focus on what you do best.

About Bridget's translations & texts

Hi, my name is Bridget van de Grootevheen and I like to puzzle with language. My native language is Dutch. I am the owner of Bridget's translations & texts and translate from German and English to Dutch and from Dutch to English. I do this for educational institutions and for companies. I also write copy for these audiences. The most fascinating about my work is that I have the opportunity to puzzle with texts every day to make them suitable for new target audiences.

Many Dutch people say that they can speak English well, but this is not always the case. Being able to speak a little does not mean that you can localise and translate an entire website with a new target group in mind. Cutting corners at this stage could ruin the launch of your product in a new market. Or imagine that you have a school book translated and the pupils get confused because the terminology has not been retained or the examples have been translated too literally. Teachers have absolutely no time to solve this.

This is where I can be of service: with my educational background, experience as an English teacher and with writing and translating marketing texts, you can rest assured that I will take care of your work. Are you looking for a freelance translator you can rely on?

Bridget van de Grootevheen

Quality in credentials

  • MA English language and culture: education and communication
  • Qualified English teacher
  • BA English language and culture
  • Goethe Certificate C1 in German (Goethe-Institut, Amsterdam)

    ... and I am constantly learning about SEO, online marketing, and copywriting.

"Bridget does a great job. She is always very professional and committed. Keep up the good work!"

Andreia Fernandez Duque, Utrecht University